Email to an Appraiser

Hi Tina. I am the agent for the seller on this transaction. I wanted to send you the inspection report and repair estimate that has been completed on this property. The property has been vacant for ten years – ever since the seller’s wife died. I was given a lockbox code by Bayview to enter assuming that the property has been secured.

When I arrived at the house there was no lockbox. I walked to the back of the house and entered through a broken sliding glass door. The property has been vandalized I’m guessing by the neighborhood kids (because it is a gated community and the things that were spray painted on the walls). Immediately I contacted Bayview with the property owner and informed them of the condition and we were told that the property would be secured.

Sadly, the property was not secured. The neighborhood kids got in again and lit the place on fire. I have called three more times requesting that they secure the property and up until now it has not been secured.

I just got off the phone with Christina at Bayview and she gave me your contact information. There is a gate code for the community which is #1234. If property preservation has been there in the past day then they will have drilled the locks and placed their lockbox on the property and informed Bayview of the combination. I do not think they have been there and access to the property would then be from the same broken sliding glass door at the rear of the house. If you get there and a lockbox has been placed on the door then Bayview likes the code AAA. But if you inform me of the appointment time then I can call Bayview a few hours before your appointment and find out if they have secured the property and if so, I will get the combination for you and send to you.

Been doing short sales since 2008 and have dealt with some zombie foreclosures before but have never seen a property in this bad of shape.