Hardship Letter

There were these fun books when I was growing up. I forget what they are called but it would be something like telling a story and then the reader would substitute a noun, or verb, or adjective as required by the book and it would end up telling a funny story with random words. The creators of the book had no idea what story would be told. Such is the same with the hardship letter template. I have no idea what your hardship is but you can fill in those words as indicated below.

To: (mortagage servicer)
(account number)
(property street address)
(city, state zip)

Please accept this as my letter of hardship. Everything was fine on the loan until (insert date hardship began here) when (insert description of hardship here – e.g. I became disabled, unemployed, sick, etc). I still attempted to make the loan payments on time but I soon realized there wasn’t enough money to pay the mortgage and buy food or pay for basic living expenses.

I do not see a way to deal with this situation without some assistance. I do want to avoid foreclosure. For these reasons, I hope you will look favorably on my request for (insert loss mitigation workout sought – e.g. modification, short sale).

Thank you.

(sign name) (today’s date)
(print name)