Jewel and The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker

This testimonial is being written in late 2018 after I closed my first short sale with Jewel. I’m probably the last realtor who is still just exclusively listing short sales. I cover half the state of Florida. Jewel and THE LAW OFFICE OF PAUL A. KRASKER were referred to me by a client. I handled none of the paperwork that went to the bank aside from the normal real estate docs (listing agreement, purchase contract, etc.). I did not submit a third party authorization and had no direct contact with the shorting lender The short sale was not easy in that there were two mortgages to short and both were not in agreement with the other. Jewel found a solution. It closed and I am now a fan of Jewel.

I always say that the easiest thing to do in real estate is to find a buyer for a short sale. The hardest thing to do in real estate is to get the bank to approve their offer. I’ve been doing short sales since 2008. I owned a loss mitigation company at the onset and discovered to my dismay that very few people have the skill and persistence it takes to get a short sale closed. Based on this first experience, I will continue to work with Jewel on short sales moving forward.

Anyone who wants to reach out to Jewel may find her at:

Short Sale Innovations 561.801.7946 direct | 877.229.6740 toll free

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